Astrimex, wholesaler and importer of wall and ceiling products

Astrimex represents the major international brands.
We deliver materials in most european countries and our three establishments in Leek and Utrecht provide good national cover in the Netherlands.

Astrimex: wholesaler and importer of wall and ceiling products.
Building specialists are supplied with a wide range of finishing materials from 2 establishments on a daily bases. Our customers are specialized in installing suspended ceilings and walls.

Logistics services
Astrimex has two branches, both are acting as distribution centre and warehouse. Our buyers operate with short planning schedules. And so do we. Materials are delivered to the building site within 24 hours. Astrimex also has an 'early logistics service'. We work in close cooperation with transport companies which are equipped with automated transport systems. This enables us to deliver on time, early in the morning for example.

Customisation in refinement
Since its foundation, Astrimex has had the machines and knowledge to refine various ceiling materials. Many architects and clients ask for a non-standard colour and/or an unusual size. Astrimex can quickly and efficiently paint all ceiling tiles and suspension systems in any colour required.

Trade is customisation, but above all human work.
The market for ceiling and wall systems is complex and specific. Astrimex experiences this every day. The use of specialists has made our wholesale business what it is today: 100% dedicated to building specialists for ceilings and walls.

Timber and Buildling Supplies Holland N.V.
Astrimex BV belongs to a group of companies called Timber and Building Supplies Holland N.V.

Timber and Building Supplies Holland N.V. is a holding consisting of 11 companies with 1500 employees generating app. €600 million in revenues selling lumber and building materials to professional partners in new construction, maintenance and repair.